Contracts of the City of Buenos Aires - Implementation of an electronic system for public contracts

On May 5, 2008, by means of Decree No. 449/2008, the City of Buenos Aires created a program aimed to modify the procedures of public contracts (“the Program”), within the frame of new regulations for public contracts under Law No. 2095.

Even though such regulation became enforceable on May 2007, the application of the electronic system established in Section 83 of the referred law was delayed.

The purpose of the Program is the execution of the Strategic Plan of Purchases and Contracts of the Government of the City and the implementation of an electronic system in that respect.

Through the Program it will be performed an analysis of the norms and regulations on purchases, a modification of the processes to make them more dynamic, transparent, and efficient, a search for the tools that will allow citizens and public officers the access to information and an application of the system of electronic purchases.

Taking into account that the Program was created for the sole purpose of the fulfillment of said aims, the Decree establishes that the Program will be in force during a period of 18 months after the publication of the mentioned decree.

Furthermore, Decree No. 449/2008 established a Monitoring Committee integrated by a representative of the Sub-secretary of Operational Management, a member of the Direction of Computer Sciences of the Financial Administration and a member of the Direction of Purchases with the purposes of supervising the implementation of the Program and approving the functional and technological requirements of electronic purchases.

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