Control of the level of lead

The Ministry of Health issued Resolution 7/2009 aiming to control the quantity of lead in paints. Although the first National Regulation that created a cap on the level of lead contained in paints was Resolution 1088/2004, it did not establish which entity would issue the certificate of absence of lead prior to the marketing of the paints to the public. In this respect, Resolution 7/2009 designates the National Institute of Technology (INTI) as the Certifying Authority.

Within the obligations imposed by the mentioned Resolution, it is worth mentioning that manufacturers and importers need to obtain a certificate evidencing that paints and varnishes do not contain more than 0,6 grams of lead per hundred grams of nonvolatile mass.

Moreover, paints used for art, agricultural equipments, bridges or public works, traffic signals, cars, airplanes, trains and boats, which are exempt from the abovementioned obligation, must obtain a Certificate of Exemption issued by the Certifying Authority.

INTI has already published in its web page ( instructions containing the proceedings to obtain both Certificates.

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