The environmental authority of the province of Buenos Aires launched its new Integrated Website for Environmental Proceedings

On July 18th the Provincial Agency for Sustainable Development (“OPDS” for its acronym in Spanish), the environmental authority of the Province of Buenos Aires, launched its new website for environmental proceedings, which is integrated with other related provincial agencies:  the Water Authority (Autoridad del Agua, “ADA”) and the Provincial Direction for Urban and Territorial Planning (“DPOUT” for its acronym in Spanish).

The new website will replace paper dockets by e-proceedings that shall simplify and fasten the filing, assessment and issuance of provincial environmental permits, which is expected to have a positive impact in the development of new projects and will help to transparent some environmental legal risks, circumstance that will be useful among other situations in M&A transactions.

The new e-proceedings will be implemented gradually and in stages and sub-stages. The first sub-stage was implemented by the issuance of four resolutions that regulate the environmental impact assessment of certain kind of projects, the first phase of the industrial settlement process and the renewal of the Certificate of Environmental Fitness. As announced, the rest of the stages will be implemented shortly.

For further information on this topic please contact María Morena Del Río, Carola del Rosario Pignatelli and Martín A. Prieto