OPDS will issue Environmental Pre-Feasibility certifications to be filed in renewable energies tenders and programs

By means of Resolution No. 264-19, the OPDS established that in the future it will certify the Environmental Pre-Feasibility of the preliminary projects and projects of works, technologies or renewable energy generation activities in the province of Buenos Aires for presentation by the interested party before international, national, provincial, municipal, financial entities, public or private persons within the framework of the programs and incentives provided in National Laws No. 26,190, No.27,191, No.27,424, its regulations and complementary provisions, as well as the Provincial Law No. 14,838 and its regulations.

The regulation states that the Environmental Pre-Feasibility certification will have the scope of a statement within the framework of Law No. 11,723 circumscribed to the correct use and exploitation of natural resources, the compatibility of the project with the maintenance of the biomes and the benefit for the socio-economic situation of the region in which its location is foreseen.
Finally, the Resolution established that the OPDS will determine the projects reached by Article 8 of Law No. 14,838 and its regulations that are in a position to be subject to an Environmental Impact Declaration.

For further information on this topic please contact María Morena Del Río and Martín A. Prieto