Intellectual Property

Argentina recognizes UK as adequate jurisdiction post Brexit

The Argentine data protection regulations prohibit the international data transfers to jurisdictions which do not provide adequate levels of data protection. In this sense, the Agency of Access to Public Information (“AAIP”) recognized – through Disposition 60/2016 – certain jurisdictions with adequate levels of protection, which allow international data transfers.

In this light, on 26th February 2019, the AAIP issued Resolution No. 34/2019 (the “Resolution”), whereby the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (“UK”) was admitted as a jurisdiction with adequate levels of protection for international data transfers. This Resolution was the result of a request from the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport which required the AAIP to adopt the necessary measures to ensure that the international data flow between Argentina and the UK is maintained on an uninterrupted basis after Brexit. 

The AAIP has reviewed UK´s data protection standards and amended Section 3 of Disposition No. 60/2016, so that it included UK in the enumeration of jurisdictions with adequate regulation in order to ensure the continuity of the international data flow.

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