Intellectual Property

Resolution 14/2018 of the Agency for Access to Public Information

On March 9, 2018 the Official Gazette issued Resolution 14/2018 (the “Resolution”) of the Agency for Access to Public Information.

The Resolution voids the Disposition 10/2008 of the Data Protection Agency and stipulates that those responsible and users of public or private databank must exhibit prior to the collection of personal data, the information stated in Section 6 of the Argentine Data Protection Act.

The following information must be exhibit in a visible place, in a clearly and express manner:

1) The purpose for which the data shall be treated, and who their addressees or type of addressees may be;

2) The existence of the relevant data file, register or bank, whether electronic or otherwise, and the identity and domicile of the person responsible there for;

3) The compulsory or discretionary character of the answers to the questionnaire the person is presented with, particularly, in relation to the sensitive data; 

4) The consequences of providing the data, of refusing to provide such data or of their inaccuracy;

5) The possibility for the interested party to exercise data access, change and deletion rights; and

6) The following statement: “LA AGENCIA DE ACCESO A LA INFORMACIÓN PÚBLICA, en su carácter de Órgano de Control de la Ley N° 25.326, tiene la atribución de atender las denuncias y reclamos que interpongan quienes resulten afectados en sus derechos por incumplimiento de las normas vigentes en materia de protección de datos personales”.

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