International Trade

Approval of the Agreement on applicable law to international consumer contracts

In December 2017, the Common Market Council of MERCOSUR approved the Agreement on the applicable law to international consumer contracts, which will be applied within the MERCOSUR.

This Agreement does not need to be internalized into the legal system of each State Party because it regulates an aspect of the organization and operation of the regional bloc, and will enter into force thirty (30) days after the second State Party of the MERCOSUR deposits the instrument of ratification.

This Agreement defines international consumer contract as "the one in which the consumer has his domicile, at the moment of the conclusion of the contract, in a State Party different from the domicile or headquarters of the professional supplier that intervenes in the contract or in the transaction."

It is important to highlight that this agreement modifies certain aspects of the treatment of these contracts under the Argentine domestic regulations.

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