Energy and Natural Resources

Resolution No. 11-E/2018

On January 23th 2018, the Resolution No. 11-E/2018 was published in the Official Gazette, which modifies the Annex of the Resolution 46-E/2017 that created the bases and conditions of the Incentive Program for Investments in the Development of Natural Gas Production of Unconventional Reserves (the “Program”).

Among other matters, the Ministry of Energy and Mining (the "Ministry")  instructs to:
1) the Board of Directors of Energía Argentina Sociedad Anónima ("ENARSA") and Emprendimientos Binacionales Sociedad Anónima (“EBISA”) to impulse the necessary proceedings for the merger by absorption of ENARSA and EBISA.
2) the Secretary of Electric Energy to provide an Concession Agreement draft for the generation of electrical energy of the Condor Cliff and Barrancosa hydroelectric plants.
3) IEASA to proceed with the sale of: (i) Thermal Power Plant Ensenada de Barragán and Brigadier López, the transfer of its personnel and contracts related to power plants, (ii) and ENARSA’s participation in the Electricity Transmission Company Citelec Sociedad Anónima;

For further information on this topic please contact Juan Martín Allende and Marcos Patrón Costas