Argentine Government appoints new CNDC President and announces strenghtening of the Agency

Today, February 17th, 2016, Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri, appointed economist Esteban Greco as the new President of the Argentine Antitrust Commission (CNDC).

Greco took office this morning in an act at the Presidential palace in the presence of the President of Argentina and the entire Cabinet of Ministers, which demonstrates how serious Argentina’s new government is willing to take antitrust enforcement. In addition, President Macri announced that it will soon take measures to strengthen the CNDC.
Greco, formally appointed as the CNDC President by means of Decree 366/2016 published today in the Official Gazette, is an economist with solid antitrust background, deep knowledge of the CNDC and vast international experience. He has previously been chief economist and later commissioner of the CNDC at the beginning of the previous decade and in the past years he has been a consultant on antitrust and regulatory matters to different international organizations, Central American antitrust agencies as well as to various companies.
The new government of Argentina has expressed at its highest level its political will to take antitrust enforcement in Argentina to the international best practices level.

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