Energy and Natural Resources

Gas Plus III Program

The Federal Secretariat of Energy is ready to publish a resolution loosening the requirements for natural gas producers to submit projects under the Gas Plus Program. Basically, non-signatories of the gas prices Agreement 2007–2011 in force with the Federal government would be allowed to become beneficiaries of the new regime.

The Gas Plus Program was created on March 6, 2008 by means of Resolution SE No. 24, which in turn was amended by Resolution No. 1031 of September 9, 2008, both of them setting forth the conditions required for the submission and approval of projects aimed at producing natural gas from the development of “tight gas” formations (of low permeability, demanding the use of costly advanced technologies to enable gathering), new or deeper fields. These projects are rewarded with a substantial higher price compared to that resulting from the Agreement referred to above.

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