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NIC Argentina issued new rules on internet domain names

On November 17, 2009, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Cult -identified as NIC Argentina in its role of administrator of the Argentine internet domain-, has issued Resolution 654/2009, which approves new rules for the registration on domain names, repealing those issued in 2000.

Below it is a summary of the main features of the new regulations:

? The registration of a domain name will be awarded, in principle, to the registering entity who first applies for it.

? The number of domain names that a registering entity is allowed have under the subdomain COM.AR or ORG.AR is limited to 200. In the event that a registering entity may need to register more than 200 domain names, it should send a written notice to NIC Argentina, stating its need and its legitimate interest over the new domains, and that it owns goods and/or services with those names or that it is publicly known through them. In this latter case, domains shall not be transferred to third parties.

? The application form to be filed by a registering entity bears the nature of an affidavit thus, NIC Argentina is empowered to dismiss the applications that contain false, inaccurate, and/or outdated information.

? NIC Argentina is in charge of registering all domain names under the subdomains ORG.AR, NET.AR, TUR.AR, GOB.AR, MIL.AR e INT.AR. The following are the entities enabled to apply for each of the subdomains:

-Subdomain ORG.AR: argentine or foreign non-profit organizations.

-Subdomain NET.AR: argentine or foreign entities supplying internet services holding a license granted by the National Communications Commission.

-Subdomain TUR.AR: travelling and tourism companies authorized by the Tourism Secretariat, as well as those governmental agencies with competence in tourism promotion-related matters.

-Subdomain INT.AR: foreign representations or international organizations with offices in Argentina, duly registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Cult.

-Subdomain GOB.AR: entities that belong to the National, Provincial or Municipal Governments.

-Subdomain MIL.AR: entities that belong to the Argentine Armed Forces.

? The registration of a domain name will be effective for 1 year with the possibility of a renewal, which must be filed during the last month of validity of the registration.

? NIC Argentina is solely in charge of the registration of the domain names, therefore, it does not assume any liability for the lawfulness of the registration neither of the use made by the registering entity. Likewise, NIC Argentina lacks of competence with regard to the contents of web pages built under the registered domain names.

For further information on this topic please contact Pablo A. Palazzi