Intellectual Property

Amendment to the Intellectual Property Act

On December 11, 2009, Congress passed Law No. 26,570 that amends the Intellectual Property Act (No. 11,723), extending to 70 years the period during which an interpreter of a phonogram play holds the property rights over his interpretations.

The amendment also extends to 70 years the period during which the producers of phonograms –usually disc companies- hold intellectual property rights over them.

According to the new regulations, the 70-year period during which music interpreters and phonogram producers hold the property rights, is to be counted starting from January 1st of the year subsequent to the date of publication of the work.

Likewise, the amendment provides that phonograms and interpretations that passed to the public domain before the new established protection period will automatically revert to the private domain for the remaining period. Prior to the amendment interpreters and phonogram producers enjoyed a 50-year protection period.

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