Commissioner is reappointed and CNDC recovers quorum

Diego Póvolo was reappointed as commissioner the National Antitrust Commission (“CNDC”), the Argentine antitrust authority, through Decree 431/2009. With this appointment, the CNDC has regained the minimum number of members required to take decisions.

Póvolo’s first term as commissioner ended in mid-February and since then, the CNDC has been working with only two of its five members, president Ricardo Napolitani and commissioner Humberto Guardia. In the past, the Supreme Court of Justice has interpreted that the CNDC needed to have at least three members in order to have quorum to take decisions.

During his first term, Póvolo was very active in investigating anticompetitive practices and he is currently leading the team in charge of designing the future leniency program that will be implemented in Argentina. His new term will expire on February 10, 2013.

There are currently two vacant positions at the CNDC which can be filled only with economists. The last economist commissioner ended his term in February 2008.

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