Payment plans for the cancellation of fines imposed under Law 5965 of the Province of Buenos Aires

In August of 2008, the Water Authority of the Province of Buenos Aires issued the Resolution No. 275/2008, that approved the granting of payment plans for the cancellation of fines imposed under Law 5965 that pursues the protection of water resources and the atmosphere.

The referred payment plans were established as follows: 1) for fines amounting up to $10,000, up to 4 installments, 2) for fines rising from $10,001 to $20,000, up to 5 installments, 3) for those fines of $20,001 up to $30,000, up to 7 installments, 4) in case the fines are equal or higher to $30,001, up to 10 installments could be granted.  For determining the number of installments that could be awarded, the amount taken into consideration is the original amount, that may not be lower than $2,000.

In order to obtain a payment plan, applicants must file the forms that will be issued by the Direction of Administration, Finances and Resources of the Province. Once the plan is granted, in case there are two consecutive installments or four alternate installments unpaid, the plan will be cancelled and the Province will have the possibility to sue for payment. If the beneficiary of a plan defaults on a payment, punitive interest will be accrued at a rate similar to the monthly rate applicable to loans adjusted by economic activity indicators as established by the Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires at the date of payment.

Finally, the Resolution establishes that a payment plan granted by the Wather Authority will be considered as a recognition of the debt generated by the fine, which will cause the interruption of the statute of limitations.

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