Consumer Protection

Amendment to the Consumers Act

On December 19, 2007, the Senate passed a bill drafted by the House of Representatives for the amendment of the Consumers Act Nº 24240 and introduced additional modifications.

The following are the most significant modifications:

(i) The application of the Consumers Act over any other provision, even if there is a specific provision regulating the activity of the provider.
(ii) The possibility of terminating a service by the same means as applied for contracts.
(iii) The extension of the period of guarantee.
(iv) The possibility of obtaining a compensation set by the authority in case the consumer suffers a direct damage.
(v) The establishment of punitive damages for breaches of the Consumer Act.
(vi) The increase of the maximum amount of the fines to $ 5,000,000.
Due to the modifications introduced by the Senate, the bill has to be passed by the House of Representatives with a 2/3 majority in order to become effective; if those modifications are dismissed.

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